Veho Muvi HD10X Micro Camcorder - HD Handsfree Body Worn Action Camera

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The Muvi HD10X Micro hands-free HD camcorder is capable of recording HD footage 1080p @30fps. The UK designed Muvi HD10X Micro captures all the action as it happens. Measuring at only 5.5cm X 2.2cm X 2.0cm it's one of the smallest action cameras on the market. A superior build quality makes the Muvi HD10X ideal for a wide array of situations from extreme sports to cyclists and motorbikes. Protected by a metal housing the Muvi HD10X is incredibly durable for its size. The Muvi HD10X footage has an optional time and date stamp on recording making it perfect for use in law enforcement security and surveillance. The spring-clip in the box contents provided helps you easily attach the camera to your clothes so footage can be easily recorded without having the hassle a normal sized and weight camera brings. Included in the box contents is an 8GB microSD card (3.5 - 4 hours capacity of HD footage) with a 32GB microSD card being the maximum the Muvi HD10X can hold. Also included in the box contents is a spring clip which allows you to attach the camera to an item of clothing and keep it in a fixed position for capturing footage hands-free. The Muvi HD10X has a simple plug and play system connecting to your PC or Mac via micro USB so you can upload your footage and play it back without any hassle. It also charges through any micro USB input giving you complete portability. As well as the ability to record the Muvi HD10X can capture images using its 2-megapixel camera. Featuring a built-in mic the HD10X captures all audio enhancing any footage that you capture. Also built-in is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery which will fully charge in up to 90 minutes. You can get up to 80 minutes of battery life from the HD10X with standby mode ensuring you get the maximum amount of significant footage from one single charge. Noise activation allows the HD10X to be activated from standby mode so if something happens and you forget to record the Muvi HD10X doesn’t.


  • Capture 1080p @30fps and 2MP stills with the Muvi Micro HD10X
  • Includes 8GB microSD card (3.5 - 4 hours capacity of HD footage) but can hold a microSD card up to 32GB
  • Simple plug and play system upload and playback footage easily with micro USB input
  • Robust alloy metal casing gives camera increased durability and protection


30 Day Warranty





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