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The secret is the soothing sound of white noise. Sleep Easy™ sound therapy naturally re-creates the calming sound of moving air to block out disturbing background noises and create a relaxed comforting environment so you can fall asleep and stay asleep. Great for restless sleepers babies' rooms and more. Simply plug it in and turn it on. Volume and tone are fully adjustable to your exact needs and pleasure. Compact design conveniently sits on nightstands or desktops.


  • Real White Noise: Sleep Easy contains a real fan inside that generates truly random and natural white noise unlike the distracting repetitions of an electronic track on the loop. The soothing sound of flowing air breaks up other noise patterns and conceals other disturbances which would normally interrupt sleep.
  • Personalize your Peace: Customize the sound and volume of the Sleep Easy to your preferences. Simply twist the outer shell or the top to control the power of the airflow whether you need a quiet whisper a powerful rush of air or something in between.
  • Perfect for your Home and Office: Whether you need to help drown out the sounds of a busy office or college dorm or need to help to get you or the baby to sleep the soothing effects of white noise will help you relax and concentrate.
  • Protect your Privacy: Sleep Easy can also help mask confidential conversations. Place it near your closed door and Sleep Easy will suppress the sounds of your meetings and discussions.
  • Compact and Low-Profile Design: The small size means Sleep Easy can sit comfortably on any desk or nightstand and the unobtrusive design doesn’t detract from any decor.


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