Mucinex FreeFrom Cold and Flu Nighttime Multi-Symptom Relief Cherry 6 Fl Oz


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Like you we as families and parents are conscious about the ingredients we put in our bodies. Mucinex FreeFrom liquid medicine delivers the same effective and trusted Multi-Symptom relief as our other Mucinex products but with no artificial flavors colors and dyes; Plus FreeFrom is alcohol and sugar-free. Try our FreeFrom line of products available for adults and created with your health at the core. Mucinex also offers a FreeFrom line for children. Expires 04/22


MULTI-SYMPTOM COLD & FLU RELIEF: Mucinex FreeFrom Cold & Flu Nighttime helps relieve common cold and flu symptoms: cough sore throat fever nasal congestion stuffy and runny nose sneezing headache and minor aches and pains

FREE FROM UNWANTED ADDITIVES: No Artificial flavors Colors Dyes; Free from Alcohol and Sugar

# 1 TRUSTED COLD & COUGH BRAND: #1 Cold and Cough brand doctors trust for themselves and their families and #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand

PAIN RELIEVER & FEVER REDUCER: Contains Acetaminophen which relieves minor aches and pains thereby relieving your sore throat pain and reduces fever

COUGH SUPPRESSANT: Contains Dextromethorphan HBr that helps relieve cough

NASAL DECONGESTANT: Contains Phenylephrine HCl that provides relief for nasal congestion sinus congestion and pressure

ANTIHISTAMINE: Contains Triprolidine HCl that alleviates sneezing runny nose itching of the nose and watery eyes

FLAVOR: Available in Cherry Natural Flavor


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