Meal Prep Haven 7 Piece Portion Control Container Kit with Guide

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Let's face it -- dieting is hard work. Our portion control container kit is designed to simplify the dieting process by helping you eat the exact portions you need to lose weight. Combined with our included eating plan (for any activity level) our seven containers are color-coded and labeled for different food groups and pre-measured for the exact portions that you need! Forget about 'eyeballing' food. If the food fits our containers you can eat it! It's that simple. With each portion control kit you get: Eating Plan + Food Guide 7 Color-Coded Portion Containers BPA Free FDA Approved Material: High-Grade Polypropylene Our containers are not only color-coded but they're also permanently embossed with the exact food label to ensure that you know exactly which containers to use for the eating plan. Say goodbye to counting calories cups and measuring. Our color-coded portion control system helps you deliver the exact portions every time. The portion control containers are as follows: 1 Cup size: 2 containers 3/4 Cup: 1 Container 1/2 Cup: 1 Container 1/3 Cup: 1 container 2tbps : 2 Containers If at first glance the containers look small remember that the kit is intended for portion control. Each container is intended to be used multiple times a day to help portion out meals ahead of time. You'll be surprised by how much food you can eat on this system!


EASY TO USE: Measure out your portions and food types with our systematized color combinations and labeling to ensure that you know exactly what you're putting into your body.

PORTION CONTROL GUIDE INCLUDED: Each food container set comes with a clearly detailed guide to help understand how best to measure your daily intake. Comparable to 21 Day Fix system.

EXCELLENT FOR PORTION CONTROL: Never worry about weighing your food on a scale again! Our containers are clearly labeled with the food type + weight per container.

TOP TIER QUALITY: Made of high-grade propylene each container is built to last and is completely BPA & DEHP free and safe for dishwasher use (top rack)


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