Livin' Well 2000V Electric Mosquito and Insect Zapper

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Keep nasty bugs and flying pests at bay with the Livin’ Well Zap Lamp bug zapper! Powerful and with an ultra-wide coverage this bug zap lamp effectively attracts and kills insects from annoying flies to disease-bearing mosquitoes.


POWERFUL PEST/INSECT ZAP LAMP. With 2000 volts of power this 12-inch Zap Lamp attracts and instantly kills bugs and flying insects (flies moths mosquitoes) upon contact

20 000 SQ FEET COVERAGE. This mosquito zapper keeps bugs away within a massive 20 000 square feet radius

CHEMICAL-FREE FAMILY PROTECTION. Keep your family safe and your home bug-free without fear of harmful chemicals and pesticides

SAFE WEATHERPROOF EASY TO CLEAN. This bug lamp features a fire-proof weatherproof and anti-flood design; built for indoor and extended outdoor use (comes with a hanging hook); cleans in just 3 steps


30 Day Warranty