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The iView Smart Bulb offers a robust suite of features including app control voice command multicolor lighting scheduling and energy efficiency. Control lighting in any part of your house with ease using your smartphone. Whether individually or in groups IVIEW Smart Bulbs can be turned on/off timed and personalized via the IVIEW iHome app. The iView-ISB610 WiFi Smart Bulb is compatible with our very own Iview Genie Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Just speak up to dim or brighten the lights and do other smart bulb adjustments absolutely hands-free! Our energy efficient Smart LED Bulb can save up to 80% more energy than incandescents and will last a long long time with an extended life of approximately 20 000 hours. The iView WiFi Smart LED Bulb is undeniably the coolest of smart light systems! Usability responsiveness convenience big savings sustainability stylish lighting plus an intuitive app. IVIEW Smart Bulbs will illuminate your home without the sticker shock of LEDs. The only real difference is the cost because less is more when it comes to Iview. The Iview Smart Bulb comes with extraneous features. How do we do it? Iview people are passionate about their jobs customer-oriented and cares about the world. Industry experts who love what they do working together in one team results in the highest quality products. How Do Smart Light Bulbs Work? Smart lighting generally runs on a network of smart bulbs that are wirelessly connected to a router. Each smart bulb can then be controlled by a hub designed to be plugged into your router. Wireless communication standards often used are Bluetooth smart light bulbs or Zigbee. The hub enables networked devices i.e. your smartphone or tablet to communicate with the smart bulbs. How Do Smart Bulbs Work With Switches? Now you may be wondering how a smart bulb differs from a smart switch. Switches work with any type of bulb and are often used for special lighting systems with smaller sizes like candelabras. Installing smart switches would mean swapping your old light switch and fiddling with your home's wiring. Scaling your lighting system up entails more effort and won't be as cost efficient compared to simply changing your old light bulb into a smart bulb. Some brands are notorious for causing frustration on a confusing initial smart bulb or smart switch setup as seen in smart light bulbs reviews found online. What's the point of getting smart lighting solutions that will only make your life difficult instead of the other way around? How Do Smart Bulbs Work at iView? Iview Smart LEDs are the light bulbs of the future. Our bulbs are crafted with the highest standards and the latest technology with you the customer in mind. Discover how the iView-ISB600 works and all its unique features that can make your life easier and a bit more fun! iView-ISB600 does away with the need for a hub providing the quickest and easiest way to incorporate the new lighting into any smart home setup. Overall the cost of scaling up with an Iview smart bulb is fairly low. You won't have to pay for a separate networking device or subscription service. Installation is a virtually painless task. Our smart bulb fits perfectly into existing fixtures like your standard light bulb. Unscrew like you would the traditional bulb should you wish to move your multicolor bulb to another room or fixture. The Iview Smart Bulb will effectively illuminate and blend in with bigger smart home plans you may have. With support for wifi 802.11 b/g/n the Iview Smart Bulb works with any home router. Once set you immediately reap the benefits of using an LED smart bulb. The choice is yours out of a myriad of ways you can remotely control your Iview Smart Bulb. Setting up your Iview Smart Bulb is as easy as 1-2-3. Control from Anywhere Change colors set your preferred brightness create timers and do a whole lot more. Unlike iView smart bulb. The best part? You don't even have to be at home. Connect and control your iView-ISB610 from anywhere in the world wherever internet access is available. Enjoy the added security convenience and savings the use and switched back on in an instant right when you need it. Most importantly you gain much-needed peace of mind whenever you're away from home with a bright home that doesn't appear vacant. Voice Control: Alexa and Google Compatible The iHome skill in your Alexa/Google APP to have commands fulfilled through your wifi smart light bulbs Amazon Echo smart speaker or by talking to your Google Assistant. Tired and half-asleep in bed you can say "Google dim the light!" or have it totally switched off for a good night's sleep. How do smart bulbs work with Alexa? Simple. Just tell her what to do. Say "Alexa turn on the living room lights!" Adjustable Light Levels Iview brings state-of-the-art LED technology to places where there's little sunlight. You won't have to live gloomy days at home nor work for hours in a poorly-lit home office. Our Iview Smart Bulb will brighten areas of your home with natural-looking light. Brightness and color temperature levels can be adjusted according to your lighting requirements when reading cooking meals or unwinding after a hectic day at work. Personalize Your Color! You'll never know how big an impact lighting hues can make until you experience it firsthand. Just think of how easy it would be to add color to your home! Set to yellow to make your home interior warm and inviting and make food appear even more mouthwatering for guests. Give your kitchen a makeover with a new color theme. Set to blue for a cooler and more relaxing effect. Schedule / Group Control Lighting can be controlled one smart bulb at a time or in smart Wi-Fi LED bulb groups. Create a group for your smart home collection power up in sequences or control your entire home lighting in a single command. Pairing with the Iview is of course easier and cheaper without the need for a hub. Program preset times or countdowns on your Iview Smart Bulb within the IVIEW iHome app in a breeze. Connect via our free mobile app and create a schedule that suits your needs best. Just set and forget. You can also put your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to work for more convenient scheduling on your Iview Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb. As you desire light up your living space dining area master bedroom based on your daily routine. Schedule the Iview smart bulb to keep up with your busy fast-paced lifestyle. Set lights to turn on while you're away to serve as a deterrent upon giving the impression that someone's home. Get your typical 'lights off' time programmed to conserve energy. Long-Lasting Smart Bulb A quick look at lighting options shows astounding differences in bulb life: 60W Incandescent – 1 200 hours 14W CFL – 8 000 hours 7W LED – 25 000 hours By choosing the newer smart bulb lighting system you've just saved yourself 3 (CFL) replacements and over 20 (Incandescent) bulb replacements! Less frequent replacements mean less maintenance less hassle and more time for what's truly important. The iView-ISB610 Smart LED Bulb puts the future right at your fingertips. Built to last for more than 20 000 working hours it's the clear-cut winner in terms of energy consumption maintenance and costs. Considering the longer-than-average lifespan of our smart bulb we take this chance to prove ourselves to you. At Iview you can expect to get the best smart lighting solutions!


  • SMART LIGHT BULB - 12 pack of 7W 600lm LED equivalent to 60W traditional incandescent bulbs. Saves up to 80% energy Last longer and energy saver: Approximately 20 000 working hours.
  • Wifi BUILD IN NO HUB REQUIRED - Controlling hub is NOT required. Supporting wifi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz wireless network and easily connect to your wifi router.
  • REMOTE CONTROL / GROUP CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE - via your iOS/Android phones by simply downloading the FREE APP: iView iHome and set up the wireless connection. You may control the light individually or create different groups to control the light in a group.
  • MULTICOLOR AND SCHEDULE FEATURE -  Personalize your own favorite color and adjust the brightness based on your needs. You may also set up multiple schedules to turn on/off according to the present time. All schedules can be repeated daily or weekly
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALEXA AND GOOGLE ASSISTANT -  Voice control with Alexa By connecting with iView iHome APP to Amazon Alexa APP. For voice control by Google please connect to "Smart Life APP" and use the iView iHome login to authorize the connection you can use google home/Mini/Max to voice control. Use voice commands to dim turn on/off or change the color of your smart bulb.


30 Day Warranty





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