ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 White Auto Charging Robotic Vacuum with HEPA Filter (Refurbished)

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The DEEBOT 600 combines a comprehensive cleaning system with innovative technology for a more thorough and efficient clean. The DEEBOT 600 can clean multiple floor types including both hard surface floors and carpets and comes with a high-performance cleaning system that can tackle a variety of messes. With dual-edge cleaning brushes and a V-shaped main brush the DEEBOT 600’s 3-stage cleaning system simultaneously sweeps lifts and vacuums in a single pass. With customizable cleaning modes ECOVACS's SMART MOTION navigation Technology Smart Home compatibility and a suite of intelligent features the DEEBOT 600 makes cleaning easier than ever.


  • Featuring a 3-stage cleaning system the DEEBOT 600 uses its EDGE cleaning brushes and the V-shaped main brush to sweep lift and vacuum in one pass for a deep cleaned floor
  • Control your DEEBOT 600 anytime anywhere with the Ecovacs app to monitor a clean set a cleaning schedule and start a new cleaning session
  • The DEEBOT 600 uses SMART MOTION navigation Technology and when in hard floor cleaning mode the DEEBOT 600 follows a systematic back-and-forth cleaning path allowing it to clean more thoroughly efficiently and cover a larger cleaning area
  • Selective cleaning modes for various messes: hard floor mode for hard surface floors max mode to increase suction power up to 2 times and auto-clean mode for general cleaning
  • Stair safety and obstacle detection Technology: the DEEBOT 600 includes Anti-Drop and Anti-Collision Sensors to protect both your home and your DEEBOT
  • High-efficiency air filter captures airborne triggers associated with allergies and asthma
  • Automatic charging: when battery power gets low your DEEBOT 600 automatically returns to its charging dock
  • Find me function: use the Ecovacs app to locate your DEEBOT 600 if it becomes stuck under furniture while cleaning
  • 110-minute run time and 4-hour charge time


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