Chef's Star Premium 2 in 1 Olive and Vinegar Misting Sprayer Plus Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder


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Chef's Star Premium 2 in 1 Olive Oil and Vinegar Misting Sprayer Create unique flavor combinations that excite the taste buds and support a healthy low fat lifestyle. The premium 2-in-1 olive oil and vinegar misting sprayer from Chef’s Star gives you the fine misting power of an aerosol can in a durable sophisticated bottle that you can use again and again. Perfect for cooking grilling roasting sautéing basting and serving this sprayer will elevate every dish and bring flavor to each plate. The bottle is separated into two holding areas that you can fill with any preferred liquid or dressing. Fill it with oil vinegar lemon juice or lime juice to add a zest of flavor. Squeeze the ergonomic stainless steel misting trigger to instantly release an even mist of delectable flavors and oils. Reusable Chef's Star Premium 2 in 1 Olive Oil and Vinegar Misting Sprayer gives you the convenience and health benefits of an aerosol sprayer that is more economical and environmental friendly. Easy to use spray pump just fill with liquid of your choice close and spray for an even mist. And best of all you can refill and reuse again and again! When a liquid has run out or you’re looking to try something new simply unscrew the sprayer top wash out the bottle with soapy warm water and pour in the fresh liquid of your choice. Use the environmentally friendly bottle time and time again as a staple in your kitchen. Try misting your pan fresh breads grilled meats bruschetta salads and more! The possibilities are endless and the flavor benefits are amazing. Chef's Star Premium 2 in 1 Automatic Salt and Pepper Mill Grinder with Adjustable Grind Add more spice to your life with the premium 2-in-1 automatic salt and pepper mill grinder from Chef’s Star! The stainless steel finish and crystal clear acrylic viewing windows offer a high end luxury look that you can proudly display in your kitchen and bring to any party table. Easily fill the mill with flavorful rock or sea salt and spicy peppercorns for a fresh grind every time. The clearly labeled S and P push buttons are located on the top of the grinding mill for easy access. Simply push the button and enjoy automated grinding as the razor sharp internal ceramic grinders spin and release the perfect dose of spice and flavor to top your dishes. The ceramic grinders are designed to keep their edge without dulling and deliver a consistent texture with smooth precise operation; plus unlike metal blade designs these ceramic grinders will never rust or corrode. Make the grind your own and adjust the settings to match your personal preferences. The mill holds plenty of salt and pepper to serve your family for months at a time but it’s also incredibly easy to refill when you've used it all up! Flavor your dishes anywhere anytime and enjoy the convenience style and consistency of battery-powered automatic grinding to bring salt and pepper to a new level of freshness and fun.


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Chef's Star Premium 2 in 1 Olive Oil and Vinegar Misting Sprayer All Cooking Oils:

  • Achieve the even mist of an aerosol can in an environmentally friendly reusable mister bottle that's easy to refill
  • Support a healthy flavorful diet with low fat high flavor food preparation
  • Use when Cooking Grilling Roasting Sauteing and Basting
  • Fill with any oils vinegar dressings liquids lemon juice or lime juice to add zest to every dish
  • Premium high-quality construction is designed to last and looks beautiful with a sophisticated sleek design

    Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder:
  • 2-in-1 automatic grinding for both rock salt and peppercorns saves space and so that fresh spices are just a touch away
  • Sleek stainless steel and crystal clear viewing windows bring beauty to your kitchen and table
  • With an Easy and Smooth Grinding Operation Mechanism giving you better precision
  • Refill in a flash and take it on the go for fresh flavorful meals and use anytime anywhere
  • Ceramic blades never dull and offer a consistent adjustable grind


30 Day Warranty





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